Outsourced Nonprofit Accounting

Outsourced Nonprofit Accounting

One of the best decisions that a nonprofit organization can make is to outsource their accounting.

That is because outsourcing can provide serious cost savings compared to maintaining in-house staff. We talk a lot about the cost savings when it comes to outsourcing, though when it comes to nonprofit accounting outsourcing, the benefits go far beyond cost savings.

Here at Infinite Accounting, our goal is to provide our customers with customized accounting and finance solutions so that they can devote more and resources to the goals of their businesses or organizations.

Goals of a Nonprofit

Nonprofits can vary, though many of them have the same thoughts or goals when it comes to business. These thoughts or goals can include:
  • Adhering to new reforms and regulations
  • Providing services driven by your mission statement, no matter the resources
  • Monitoring and reporting restricted funds
  • Complying with nonprofit accounting standards, which are becoming increasingly complex
  • Maintaining a good cash flow so that you can pay your staff and your vendors
  • Establishing the right system for complicate and grant reporting
  • Having the right support to keep your nonprofit running smoothly from month to month

Our Unique Approach

We love making our clients’ lives easier here at Infinite Accounting.

We believe that having finance and accounting professionals on your side, especially those who have a good understanding of non-profits, can help make your life easier and your organization stronger.

We provide the necessary financial leadership so that you and your team can focus on the effectiveness of your nonprofit and the delivery of your program. We always make it a priority to make sure we are helping nonprofits raise the necessary funds to create stability within their organization.

Why Outsource Insurance Accounting With Infinite Accounting?

Work With A Top-Notch Pool of Talent

When you outsource with Infinite, you get access to an extensive pool of talent that can be useful in scaling your business.

High Accuracy Rate

Accounting firms like ours can help to create results that are far more precise than in-house accounting or DIY accounting.

Creates More Time

When you outsource accounting for your insurance company, you can spend more time on your day-to-day tasks

Get In Contact With Us at Infinite!

Accounting processes for nonprofit organizations can be a serious hassle.

That is where outsourcing comes in. When you outsource your nonprofit accounting to Infinite Accounting, you give yourself more time to focus on driving your organization forward.

If you have any further questions about outsourcing with Infinite Accounting, make sure to get in contact with us!

Nonprofit Outsourcing Services

Our nonprofit outsourcing services run through a great range. Look at the bullet points below for some of our top nonprofit outsourcing services:
  • Transitional accounting department leadership
  • Outsourced accounting services, including controller, payroll, and CFO
  • Internal controls review
  • Internal audit
  • Finance department assessment
  • Audit preparation
  • Financial data analysis
  • Financial data interpretation
  • Software selection
  • Donor management system review
  • System conversion
  • Audit preparation
  • Healthcare reform compliance
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial modeling
  • Human resources consulting

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